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I was in Shelby Township, Michigan.  I was on M-59 and getting on the Van Dyke Expressway right from Sterling Heights into Shelby Township.  It just snowed and my car spun out.  Of course the police showed up and gave me a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.  Can I get this dropped down and can you help me???


  1. Peter Torrice on March 17, 2014 at 7:20 pm said:

    Thank you for your post to blog. We here at Canu Torrice Law have represented thousands of clients for traffic tickets in the State of Michigan.

    Your case in Shelby Township Michigan is common, especially because of all of the snow that we received this year from Mother Nature. What you were sited for was a violation of basic speed law. This is under the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code 257.627(1).

    This offense is a two point offense, which will be abstracted to your driving record if you are found responsible for it. Subsequently, your insurance company and any other police officer or person that runs your driving record will know that you received this ticket. However, considering the circumstances it may be beneficial for you to have our office go to court for you and handle your case. In Shelby Township District Court you are not required to appear. Therefore, you can have us go to court for you and attempt to get the ticket reduced. Usually, in cases like this, we can get it reduced to a ticket that will not go on your driving record. Usually, you will simply pay a fine and no one will ever know you received a ticket, including your insurance company.

    Please call one of the lawyers at our law office to discuss your case.

    Peter A. Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

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