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I attend Michigan State University and I am a freshman in the dorms.  I went to a fraternity party this weekend.  I was in East Lansing and was leaving this party.  The East Lansing Police on their horses followed me and stopped me.  I was not even carrying any alcohol or beer.  They claim they may have seen me drink a beer then toss it.  They gave me a PBT and never read me any rights. What do I do?  I have a hearing coming up and can not have my parents find out!

Please help.  I heard Michigan State and MIP’s are common.  The MIP law I read seems pretty straight forward.


  1. Peter Torrice on February 17, 2014 at 5:05 pm said:

    MIP (Minor in Possession) charges are not uncommon at Michigan State University campus. Michigan State (MSU), Central Michigan (CMU), Ferris State University, you name it, someone probably got charged with an MIP recently. Hopefully they are smart enough to hire an attorney like one of the several overly qualified Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Canu Torrice Law.

    Let me just tell you that my law firm literally has handled hundreds of MIP cases, and we can help you. This issue has been discussed at length in this blog before so I will refer you to the other posts. Attorney Peter Torrice at Canu Torrice Law responded to a similar question previously from another Michigan State MSU student (link to blog post below):


    There are some other blog entries re: MIP Michigan lawyer questions on this web site as well that you can search out. Much of the same explainations applies to your situation, and yes we can help you out.

    Never handle a MIP case on your own. Call Canu Torrice Law today for a free consultation.

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