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I was at the collisieum strip bar this last week in  Detroit, Michigan.  It was raided and I was in the back with a girl and they gave me a ticket for Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation or LIPIO????  Also said I can be charged with sex acts or something.  I thought this kind of stuff can happen at strip clubs in Detroit on 8 mile.  I did not pay the girl for anything I think she liked me…..


  1. Peter Torrice on March 17, 2014 at 7:03 pm said:

    Thank you for visiting http://WWW.ALLLEGALMATTERS.COM Bill! If you click this link http://alllegalmatters.com/blog/general/loitering-place-illegal-occupation-detroit/ I already answered this questions for someone else. Below please find that response as well. Thanks again!

    Criminal charges in Detroit are tough to deal with from a client’s perspective because the police, the court system and staff, and the entire criminal justice process is so inefficient and unfriendly at 36th District Court it almost feels like there is nothing you can do. Thankfully Canu Torrice Law can help, as we have helped hundreds of other clients with misdemeanor and felony charges in Detroit.

    Canu Torrice Law is very familiar with the questionable police practices in the City of Detroit, trust me, and this criminal misdemeanor charge of Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation is one of the most common type of cases we have successfully defended against and often had DISMISSED in the 36th Judicial District Court in Detroit.

    The “Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation,” Loitering, Disorderly Conduct, LIPIO, or Prostitution charge you are facing in Detroit is undoubtedly bogus. Most of the time the Cops just see someone walking down the street and they call it loitering in a place of illegal occupation (LIPIO), so now it’s your word against the cop. The city uses this Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation (LIPIO) scam as a money making opportunity by using the forfeiture laws to force you to pay big money to get you car back, which is exactly what happened in your case. In your case it occurred in a strip club, which is even more shady.

    The good news is that the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law have developed a proven strategy for defending Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation (LIPIO) cases that has resulted in countless cases against our clients being dismissed over the past several years. My office has had over these LIPIO cases dismissed at the 36th district court with the strategy we have perfected.

    Although the Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation (LIPIO) charge you are facing is a city ordinance misdemeanor crime punishable by 90 days in Wayne County jail, it also has some serious consequences including a potential issue with having a crime of moral turpitude on your record, so it is important you do not let the Detroit court system take advantage of you. Below you will find the city ordinance for this crime.

    Sec. 38-5-1. – Disorderly conduct.

    Any person who shall make or assist in making any noise, disturbance, or improper diversion or any rout or riot, by which the peace and good order of the neighborhood is disturbed, or any person who shall consume alcoholic beverages on any street or sidewalk, or who shall engage in any indecent or obscene conduct in any public place, or who shall engage in an illegal occupation, or who shall loiter in a place of illegal occupation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

    Contact http://WWW.ALLLEGALMATTERS.COM or call Canu Torrice Law to schedule a free consultation IMMEDIATELY so we can get going on your case right away. There is nothing we like better than walking out of the courthouse there with yet another dismissal under our belt.

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