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I was in the corner a fenced private lot in Detroit on the day of the St. Patrick’s Parade. Beyond the fences were a sidewalk and the streets were lined with parked cars. I urinated “in public” by the rear corner bumper of a vehicle. As I walked away and sat in the lot in front of the vehicle, a police car passed by. About 5-15 minutes later (about how long it took for the police to go around the block to the lot entrance), the police car entered the lot, approached me, requested I approach the vehicle, and the officers proceeded to give me a ticket. I am not sure that they even witnessed me urinating, and they clearly lost site of me. I did not argue with the detroit police officers (other than to state that I believed I was under cover, and in a private lot) as they were just trying to perform their duties.

I later  found from out from an acquaintance that his girl friend was approached for the same reason for urinating in public that day and let go. She and her friends posted pictures on facebook of them with the same officers – one lady was even in the arms of one of the officers. I am not sure but I might be able to get a copy of the picture.

I am very concerned about this now. I was told that I was getting a ticket for ‘urinating in public’, but the court summons stated “disorderly conduct”. ay Detroit 36th District Court and I would like to avoid having this on my permanent record – and obviously avoid an indecent exposure charge.

The court date is coming up. Is this something that you are confident your law offices can defend at a reasonable expense?

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