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I’m glad I checked out this free Michigan legal blog! You guys are really thorough in answering questions! It seems like you do everything based on your www.AllLegalMatters.com website and from this blog I know why! You seem to know the answer to every question people ask.

Are other lawyers jealous you know so much more than them lol! I bet they are, haters! :)

Love you guys ;)


  1. I need a good St. Clair Shores criminal defense attorney for a drunk driving charge I recently received my first drunk driving in Michigan while leaving a Halloween party with my friends in St. Clair Shores. As a current law student, what can be done to ensure that this drunk driving charge stays off my record? Also, will I have to report this offense to Michigan’s Character and Fitness upon my completion of the J.D. program?

  2. I have a question for one of your Michigan attorneys for a drunk driving case in Shelby Township, Michigan. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was arrested for drunk driving in Shelby Township. Although he was drunk, the Shelby Township cops had no reason to pull him over. He was not speeding, he used his turn signals, and he stopped at all stop signs. Is it still legal for police to pull him over even if he did nothing wrong? Once Shelby Township police did pull him over, he blew in the PBT breathalyzer but they point is they had no reason to pull him over to begin with. What can be done? Is an illegal stop a basis to have his case thrown out completely? Can one of your Michigan criminal defense drunk driving lawyers help?

  3. I had a question about Michigan medical malpractice law and hopefully you can answer. About two weeks ago my great aunt went into the hospital to have a simple procedure done to fix her pacemaker. While the doctor was operating on her she slipped into a coma and died shortly after. This seems like a huge mistake can I file suit against the doctor, hospital or both?

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