Need attorney for MIP at U of M – was caught drinking playing beer pong at party; can one of your Michigan criminal defense lawyers keep this off my record???

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I’m busted, I admit it.  I was at a house party up visiting my buddy at U of M, we were all wasted and I was playing beer pong, Ann Arbor cops came.  I’m flat out busted. I’m on scholarship and cannot afford to have this shit go on my record. I need a Michigan criminal defense attorney that can for sure keep this off my criminal record.  Can one of your Michigan criminal defense lawyers at CT law help me?  Thanks.


  1. Peter A. Torrice on February 21, 2010 at 10:02 pm said:

    MIP (Minor in Possession) charges are not uncommon at U of M or any Michigan University campus. Michigan State (MSU), Central Michigan (CMU), Ferris State University, you name it, someone probably got charged with an MIP recently. Hopefully they are smart enough to hire an attorney like one of the several overly qualified Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Canu Torrice Law.

    Let me just tell you that my law firm literally has handled hundreds of MIP cases, and we can help you. This issue has been discussed at length in this blog before so I will refer you to the other posts. Attorney Peter Torrice at Canu Torrice Law responded to a similar question from a Michigan State MSU student (link to blog post below):

    There are some other blog entries re: MIP Michigan lawyer questions on this web site as well that you can search out. Much of the same explainations applies to your situation, and yes we can help you out.

    Never handle a MIP case on your own. Call Canu Torrice Law today for a free consultation.

  2. Peter A. Torrice on February 21, 2010 at 10:08 pm said:

    Here is another blog question for a Michigan attorney at Canu Torrice Law about someone who got a MIP Minor in Possession charge in one of the WORST courts to face an MIP in Michigan – the Rochester Hills District Court:

    No matter where you have an MIP charge, you need to hire an attorney. And yes, if you are over 18 years old we can help you so your parents do not find out that you got an MIP, and many times no one (including your parents, your school or yoru work) will ever know because we can keep it completely off your Michigan criminal record.

    Call Canu Torrice Law today.

    (586) 285-1700
    Canu Torrice Law

  3. Thanks Michigan lawyers . . . I called the other day about an MIP I got at Central Michigan and even though I didnt have money yet to hire a lawyer :( but you gave me a lot of good advice and you were right :p! I went there alone and they tried to get me to plea guilty to MIP for alcohol under 21 and I would have had this on my record if I didnt listen to you and would have been screwed for getting a job :/ . I got my adjournment for a couple weeks to hire a lawyer like you told me to do if they wanted to jam a plea down my thorugh for MIP with no kinda deal at all. Bastards! Decided to come clean with my mom rather than her find out when my insurance goes way up anyway and shes gonna help me hire your attorneys for my MIP in Mt Pleasant now. Soooooo. . . .I will be coming home this weekend to set up an appointment with you guys thanks so much Canu Torrice Law for your help :) .

    I like your web site too very coool

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