Michigan criminal expungement lawyer question: How do I expunge my criminal record or set aside a criminal conviction in Michigan?

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Dear www.AllLegalMatters.com Michigan criminal expungement attorneys:

About 4 years ago I was convicted in 16th Circuit Court Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, Michigan for Delivery and Manufacture of Marijuana because I was growing pot in my basement.  I ended up pleading guilty with my court appointed lawyer (I know it was stupid but I had no money to hire a good criminal defense attorney like from your law firm), and finished probation and everything no problem.  My lawyer at the time told me when probation was over I could have the court set aside or expunge my conviction for this drug crime in Michigan. 

Is that true?  Should I hire a lawyer or can you tell me how to expunge my criminal record in Michigan?  What are the rules to set aside and expunge my criminal record in Michigan?  Can one of your Michigan attorneys set aside my criminal conviction and clear my record for this weed case in Macomb County for sure?  I have already been turned down for some jobs and I know its because I have a record because a lot of employers to background checks now.

Thanks for your help…I will gladly pay your for your advice if you can help me.


  1. Peter A. Torrice on December 8, 2009 at 10:26 pm said:

    Thank you for your question to the Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Canu Torrice Law.

    Our main Michigan website at http://www.AllLegalMatters.com fully addresses criminal expungement law for a motion to set aside a conviction in Michigan. Click on this link for more detailed info that will answer most of your questions:


    In your particular case, although your conviction for Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana is eligible to be expunged under Michigan law, you must wait 5 years AFTER the date of your conviction before you apply. However, since you are so close to the 5 year period it may be wise to being the process right now so Canu Torrice Law’s criminal expungement attorneys can begin preparing the required motion and other paperwork, you can get fingerprinted to begin the process, and we can get things moving.

    It usually takes several weeks to complete and process the Application for Motion to Set Aside Conviction and get a court date, and for the Michigan Attorney General and Michigan State Police to complete review of your file and criminal expungement application in Michigan. Therefore, the sooner you get going the better and we can definately help speed up this process.

    As far as hiring an attorney is concerned, that is probably the best thing you can do to insure you have the greatest odds of setting aside your criminal conviction, especially for a charge as serious as yours… drug crimes in Michigan such as Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana are much more serious than a simple Retail Fraud (shoplifting) conviction, and since under Michigan law it is entirely in the discretion of the court whether to set aside your conviction and expunge your criminal record, you do NOT want to risk losing because you were trying to act as your own lawyer and just wing it (NEVER a good idea).

    The application process is much more complicated than it may look. Do not buy into the “do-it-yourself” expungement kits that are sometimes sold on the internet, or the instructions to set aside conviction on some Michigan government websites…they may give you a general outline of the procedure to follow, but they will NOT make sure all the documenation you need is filled out correctly, and they certainly will NOT send a qualified Michigan expungement lawyer from Canu Torrice Law to argue on your behalf in front of the judge who is deciding whether to clear your criminal record or not. That is a risk that is quite simply NOT worth taking when it comes to cleaning up your criminal record in Michigan.

    Here is a fact. At Canu Torrice Law we have NEVER had a motion to set aside conviction denied by any court on behalf of any of our clients, and I am quite confident that if you hire Canu Torrice Law, we will likewise get your criminal conviction set aside and expunged in the 16th Circuit Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens.

    Call Canu Torrice Law today at (586) 285-1700 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment so we can begin the process of expunging your criminal record in Michigan and setting aside your conviciton.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. Good advice bro, take it.

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