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While camping my 20 year old son had his first seizure and fell into a bonfire. When he began to come out of it, he called 911 and told them he was burned and didn’t know how it happened. The ambulance and police went to the scene and he was the only person on site. He was not forthcoming with what happened and told the police that he didn’t think he was drinking and didn’t know what had happened. They gave him a breathalyzer and an MIP then took him to the hospital. Later that day he had another seizure and quit breathing. I gave him CPR and called an ambulance. The medical report states that he likely had 2 seizures that day as a side effect of his medicine. He had C-Diff (bacterial infection in the digestive system) and had been on 12 medication over a 2 week period. That night was the first he had gone anywhere for many days. My question is can we fight the MIP? How? They tell him its a $190.00 fine if he pleads guilty, but I read online that the Secretary of State adds points to a drivers license and imposes a fine for 2 years. Is this true? Thank you very much for any advice or suggestions.


  1. Peter A. Torrice on April 25, 2010 at 4:43 pm said:

    To answer your question briefly, yes. There is a lot the Michigan attorneys at Canu Torrice Law can do to help with your son’s MIP and prevent this minor alcohol charge from going on his record. So, no matter what you do, you would do well to listen to this one piece of advice -DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO JUST PLEAD “GUILTY” TO THIS MIP CHARGE FOR ANY REASON, NO MATTER WHAT THE COURT OR THE PROSECUTOR TELL YOU. You 100% should have an attorney involved in this case.

    Questions about Minor in Possion (MIP) charges in Michigan have been freequently asked to the lawyers at Canu Torrice Law in the past on this blog. MIP’s are much more serious than most people realize, even when the Court or the prosecutor tell you that “it’s just a fine” and then it’s over. They are lying if they say that because as you discovered, whether you are in a vehicle or not, AN MIP IN MICHIGAN ALWAYS GOES ON YOUR DRIVING RECORD IF YOU ARE CONVICTED. Good luck finding affordable automobile insurance if you are under 21 with an alcohol related conviction on your record.

    Here are just a few previous posts to the Michigan MIP defense attorneys at Canu Torrice Law that will give you a lot of information about MIP cases in Michigan and potential defenses and legal strategies against this type of case.

    Like every criminal case, the facts are unique to every defendant. The Michigan MIP criminal defense attorneys are available for you to meet with in person or by phone for a free consultation.

    Feel free to call the Michigan MIP lawyers at Canu Torrice Law today (586) 285-1700 and we will be happy to help your son defend against this MIP case and kep this off his criminal history and his driving record with Michigan Secretary of State.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. I used Peter for my MIP and he kept it off my record in New Baltimore Michigan with the Judge there and I never even paid a fine!!! I’m 21 now and smarter but I am happy I didnt have to pay forever for a mistake I made when I was a stupid kid and drinking in a park after dark.

  3. Mommy's Boy on April 28, 2010 at 11:32 pm said:

    not to lmao but fell into a fire, roflmao…are you f’in kidding me? Your boy was fuuuuuuuked up! That was no seizure, dont think that defense will fly here in Michigan mom. hahahahahha

    I am sure these MIP attorneys have a better idea on what to do, id listen to them instead of trying to be your own lawyer, because you suck!

  4. slmk56 on May 1, 2010 at 11:55 am said:

    @Mommy’s Boy

    Did you even read my post?

    The second time he had a seizure that day, he quit breathing and I had to give him CPR. According to the lab reports from the hospital, there were no drugs in his system.

    They were also pessimistic and thought he must have taken drugs, but couldn’t find any in his system, so determined that it was a side effect of the antibiotic for the C-Diff.

    Based on your response, I have to believe that you have been fortunate and not had to resuscitate, and then defend someone you love.

  5. romeo6987 on January 30, 2011 at 11:37 pm said:

    Wow show some sympathy. @Mommy’s Boy

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