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I recently had a new garage built at my house in Warren, MI and I continue to have problems with water seeping into the garage and as a result I keep finding mold on items.  My wife and I had many items stored in our garage that are of high value including antiques and some other valuable items.  I had the garage built less than a month ago right after we moved to Warren (the old garage was really old and falling apart).  About two weeks after I had the garage built with insulation and other features especially for storing items like antiques I noticed there was a high amount of moisture in the garage and the garage door was coming off its track and not closing properly.  I immediately called the garage builder and told me he would send someone out.  It has now been another two weeks and no one from his company has come out to inspect the garage.  They are also not returning my phone calls and I called my insurance company and they told me I have to contact the builder. The insurance company also said they have tried contacting the garage builder but I have not gotten any results.

I was hoping your law firm could help me out with some advice of whether I should start a lawsuit to get my garage repaired and I can get my goods that were in perfect condition restored back to their natural condition. The goods and antiques have mold and there is water damage on cabinets in the garage as well. I was also wondering if I should contact a restoration company or i should continue to try and go with my insurance company.

I am very desperate to get my garage damage fixed because I can not have anymore water damage on my goods and I cannot have any more mold on my items. I am paying for a storage unit too so I am paying out of pocket costs for a storage unit and i urgently need help from your law firm. Thank you.


  1. Canu Torrice Law on October 23, 2012 at 8:01 pm said:

    First off, thank you very much for contacting us Billy. I am very sorry to hear about your situation and the water damage to your property. Fortunately for you, I have handled many similar cases to yours while working at Canu Torrice Law and I have been very successful defending property damage clients like yourself. Our litigation attorneys are very experienced in handling water damage and property cases throughout the state of Michigan and especially in Macomb County, where our law offices are located.

    Canu Torrice Law works with experienced contractors and several reputable insurance repair restoration companies in the Metro Detroit area to assist in the repair and restoration of your garage as well as in the prosecution of insurance repair disputes, lawsuits and claims. So before you contact a restoration company on your own, please discuss your property damage claim with Canu Torrice Law so we can contact one of the restoration companies we deal with on a regular basis.

    Since time is of the essence, due to the mold and water damage, it is extremely important that you contact our law offices immediately at (586) 285-1700. Once you schedule a meeting with our law firm I can review your insurance policy regarding water damage and property damage and better assess the case you will have against the insurance company and the builder.

    We CAN and WILL help you out so that you can recover for the property damage you have suffered.

    & Torrice, PLLC / Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

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