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About a week ago a water pipe busted in my house causing sever water damage to my house. The water damage collpased the ceiling between my main floor and upstairs and the walls have water damage as well.  I called my insurance company to file a claim and they came to my house and looked at the water damage but have not gotten back to me.  This was five days ago when they came out and i am worried that my water damaged walls and ceiling will begin to have mold and there will be unsafe and permanent damage.

I wanted to know if i could sue the insurance company or if i could go directly to a restoration company and then they could bill the insurance company. I feel like i am running out of time because the water and home damage inside my house is getting worse by the day. I was hoping your law office could help me out with this property damage.


  1. Canu Torrice Law on August 16, 2012 at 10:34 am said:

    This is a very unfortunate situation and here at Canu Torrice Law we can help you out in your dispute with your insurance company. This needs to be handled immediately because water damage can lead to permanent damage in you home and could result in mold forming throughout your home. I have handled many cases, here at Canu Torrice Law, where I have sued insurance companies and have fought for homeowners and prevailed.

    The litigation lawyers at Canu Torrice Law are well versed in handling all kind of property damage claims and your case is no exception. Also, we have a long-standing, well-respected history in working with many reputable contractors and insurance repair restoration companies in the Metro Detroit area and throughout the state of Michigan.

    Our attorneys at Canu Torrice Law handle all kinds of insurance repair disputes, including water damage, flood damage, and other kinds of property damage. Since time is of the essence regarding your water damage situation, I strongly advise you to call our office at (586)285-1700 to schedule a free consultation. Here at Canu Torrice Law we understand the clock is ticking and you do not want your home to suffer any more damage so we will make settling your insurance dispute a priority.

    Canu Torrice Law

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