Traffic Ticket Speeding In Macomb Township Michigan Need Attorney Because Michigan Driver's License Will Be Suspended If I Get Any Points

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I have terrible driving record and got traffic ticket for speeding in Macomb Township Michigan and I need the best michigan drivers license lawyer to stop these points from going off my record, I don’t care about a fine. I know this isn’t bad like a suspended license for drunk drivings like other posts I read here but I still need to know if your michigan drivers license lawyers can help me?


  1. Thank you for your question on The Michigan lawyers at CT LAW have successfully represented clients in Macomb Township, Michigan on traffic tickets for speeding and other charges, as well as misdemeanor traffic offenses like driving with a suspend license (DWLS), dunk driving/OWI, operating under the influence of drugs (OUID), and other charges. The Michigan attorneys at my firm are experts in the area of traffic law and driver’s license restoration, so CT can help you save your Michigan driver’s license.

    As you know, with as many points as you may have on your Michigan driving record, you are not only in need of an experienced Michigan driver’s license attorney to save your driver’s license, and prevent your license fom being suspended or revoked, but also to keep points off your record, keep fines to a minimum, and preventy any additional Michigan Driver’s Responsibility Fees from being assessed to you by the Secetary of State.

    The link below for our home web site at has a link to the Secretary of State that explains the extent of Michigan Driver’s Responsibility Fees in detail:

    In your case, you need the a qualified Michigan traffic ticket lawyer, and perhaps driver’s license attorney, because if your record is that bad you may be on dangerously close to losing your Michigan driver’s license and having additional Driver’s Responsibility Fees assessed. If this happens, and your Michigan Driver’s License is suspended, the you could face criminal charges and jail for Driving With a Suspended License (DWLS) if you continue to drive and are caught. The attorneys at CT can help prevent this from ever happening but you need to get us involved today! We may even be able to adjourn your case long enough where some of your old points from pevious traffic tickets are dropped off your Michigan driving record with Secretary of State.

    Feel free to call anytime because the Michigan driver’s license lawyers at are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at (586) 285-1700, and unlike other law firms, when you call our office you ALWAYS speak to an actual legal assistant who can get in touch with the partners at the law firm at any time of the day or night . . . and we WILL call you back ASAP! No other law firm or attorneys in Michigan offers that kind of dedication to its clients or the practice of law. WE DO!

    Thanks for your question and I hope to talk to you soon!

    Peter A. Torrice
    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

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