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I am a tow truck driver and during the floods I was towing out cars in Romulus Michigan.  A Michigan State Trooper stopped me and gave me a ticket for speeding.  I was not coming back from Metro Airport….I was working!!!  Now I am looking at 3 points on my Michigan Drivers License and I am a tow truck driver and can not have this happen.  Can I get you guys on this to make it go away….


  1. Peter Torrice on September 12, 2014 at 6:20 pm said:


    Thank you for visiting and Canu Torrice Law. Our attorneys handle traffic tickets across the State of Michigan. The floods were a concern for every Metro Detroit resident, especially those that cars were left abandon on I-94. Unfortunately, you encountered a police officer in Romulus that was obviously unsympathetic to the situation.

    The first piece of advice is to not just simply pay the ticket. It seems that you have this concept already in your mind because you have came to to ask if we can make it go away. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account to determine the likelihood that the ticket will not show up on your driving record. One of the main considerations is that you were working and that you are a tow truck driver. Prosecutors are usually sympathetic to those that receive traffic tickets during the course of their employment. Also, if you have a good record the Romulus District Court prosecutors look at that favorably.

    With that said, the best thing for you to do is to contact our office and retain us to handle the ticket. The greatest thing for you after you hire our office is that you do not have to do anything. We file all the documents necessary with the court and we go to court for you….YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPEAR. Meaning, we go to court for you, you go to work and we call you and tell you what the result was. Usually, we are able to secure a non-abstractable civil infraction that does not appear on your master driving record.

    We appear in all courts across the State of Michigan which include Detroit (36th District Court), Clinton Township (41-B District Court), Roseville (39th District Court), Jackson District Court, Eastpointe District Court, Chesterfield District Court, Romulus District Court, Royal Oak District Court as well as all of the other courts in the State of Michigan. Call the number below to discuss your case and we will get working on it as soon as you hire us. Thanks again!

    Peter A. Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

  2. joeghanem on September 12, 2014 at 6:34 pm said:


    All I have to say is that these guys are awesome!!!! One time I ran from the police in Warren Michigan…stupid decision. I got away from them but they still gave me a ticket. Attorney Peter Torrice and Andrew Canu were able to make my ticket go away!!

    Keep it up guys!

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