Revoked Michigan Driver's License Need Lawyer Been Before Driver's License Appeals Board 3 Times Alone And Keep Getting Denied My License!

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I need an attorney to get my Michigan driver’s license back because I have been before the Secretary of State Driver’s License Appeal Board 3 TIMES! and they keep denying me a driver’s license.  I had 2 durnk drivings, and operating impaired in 2004 from Macomb Michigan and a full blown drunk driving owi from Roscommon County in Higgins Lake in 2005 where I did a few days in jail.  I did my probation for both courts and have been eligible to get my drivers license back because its suspended and have tried 3 times at the DAAD board and they wont give it back its frustrating.  I have not been in any trouble at all and I havent drank a drop I have been to AA counseling  and they keep telling me no.  he last guy I went in front of was a real poiece of work and laid into me about stupid stuff that didnt even make sense to me.  Its like the more I get denied the harder it is for the DAAD board at secetary of state to give  me my license. I have been reading about the driver s license restoration posts on this website and how your Michigan drivers license attorneys are the best seem to always get people thieir license back.  Is it just that the state of Michigan wont restore your drivers license without an attorney they know or am I doing something wrong?  I am sure i wasnt perfect like i would have been if you gys were my drivers license lawyers but I dodnt say anything stupid and like I said i havent drank in a long time and I finished probation perfectly no problems at all paid all fines did classes everything.  I have to get my license back and if I need a drivers license lawyer who knows how to get the staate of Michigan to give me my drivers license than I will hire an attorney who knows what they are doing it just seems like I do everything they ask and they keep deny me license every time. I cannot wait for my license any longer and I cannot be denied any more Im sick of it.

Thanks .  I sent you guys an email with my contact info


  1. Andrew M. Canu on April 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm said:

    Thank you for contacting The Michigan attorneys at Canu Torrice Law specialize in driver’s license apppeal DAAD hearings and we have been successful hundreds of times before the Secretary of State Driver’s License Appeal Board, State of Michigan. It is essential that you hire a Michigan driver’s license attorney who is experienced in driver’s license appeal and restoration cases. There are a lot of attorneys out there who claim they are “driver’s license lawyers” or experts in this area of law. Don’t be fooled because most of the time they are not. However, it is impossible to fully advise you on your case without reviewing your driving record and other documentation. Please contact Canu Torrice Law at 586-285-1700 to schedule a FREE consultation so I may review your driving record and paperwork so we can get you on the road immediately.

    Thank you for choosing Canu Torrice Law.

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