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My home recently suffered some structure damage when a tree branch fell on top of my roof. I talked to my insurance company and they were supposed to send out a representative but they have been giving me the run around. I was looking around online and found that for property damage you can hire a certified public adjuster to help settle an insurance claim. I always was under the impression that  you should use an attorney to represent you against your insurance company if they are not doing their job.

I was hoping to receive some advice from a lawyer about these public adjusters in regards to my property damage. I would hope that you can help me out quickly because my roof is leaking and it has rained all of last night and now i am starting to experience water damage inside my house now.


  1. Canu Torrice Law on September 15, 2012 at 11:55 am said:

    Travis, you definitely did the right thing and contacted an attorney rather than going through a public adjuster. Unfortunately, people are in a panic when there is property damage or structure damage on their property and are solicited by these certified public adjusters without knowing exactly what the public adjuster does. Insurance companies can give you the runaround with property damage because sometimes they do not want pay out the claim or they do not think that the structure damage is significant enough. You should ALWAYS contact an attorney rather than go through a public adjuster.

    Public adjusters represent you, the homeowner against the insurance company when you have property damage, such as roof damage from a tree branch. However, all the public adjuster does is write your insurance adjustment and that is it. The public adjuster takes 10% off of whatever your settlement claim is. Basically, the public adjuster sucks up all of your money. If you hire a Canu Torrice Law attorney we will handle your claim with the insurance company and get you the money you deserve to get your property damage fixed. Canu Torrice Law has a great relationship with many reputable restoration companies throughout the Metro Detroit Area so your property damage will be taken care of quickly and you will not have to deal with a public adjuster taking 10% of your claim before the insurance company doles out the money for property damage repairs to your home.

    As an attorney I have heard of too many people getting screwed over by public adjusters. Just recently I was told of two different cases, one where there was a fire at the person’s home or a pipe bursting in the basement causing flood damage and the public adjuster took 10% from the homeowner’s insurance claim and then the homeowner still had to go out and hire a restoration company. Here at Canu Torrice Law I do not want my client to spend any more money than he should and by hiring a public adjuster you would be doing that. I have handled many property and structure damage cases where we have been successful in getting homeowners the relief they need.

    Please call our toll free number at (586) 285-1700 to schedule a free consultation. We will handle your case immediately.

    Canu Torrice Law

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