Possession of Marijuana Narcotics Parphernalia and Open Intoxicants at Michigan State MSU in East Lansing Looking For Legal Advice From Attorney

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I was with some friends this past weekend at MSU in East Lansing and I was crossing the street with beer in my hand and a cop saw me and starting harassing me.  I didnt get an MIP or anything because I am 21 now (but 3 of my friends did and they are looking for help and advice) but  the beer wasnt in a cup i guess so it is an open intoxicant the cop said then he frisked me and found a pipe in my shirt pocket with the smallest amount marijuana and i was arrested fo open intoxicants alcohol and possession marijuana and narcotics paraphernlia.  Imean there was barely any pot in the bowl and he charged me anyway.  How can police frisk me down like that and he never even read me my rights? I am supposed to graduate this year and get my degree in business management and now I have this to deal with and I am freaked out bceause a drug charge will go on my record and I will be f’d.  I read on this blog site how much you helped people with MIP up here at State, can you do he same for marijuana charges?  Cn I actually go to jail and have probation and all that? I have a job and some money but Iam not rich can you help me? What should I do?  Also for my friends isnt an MIP just like a traffic ticket you can pay why do they have to go to court?


  1. Peter A. Torrice on January 25, 2011 at 10:55 pm said:

    First let me address your friends MIP cases. There is a lot of specifics to talk about with MIP cases in East Lansing, Michigan up at Michigan State in order for our Michigan MIP lawyers to provide you with a proper consultation, but most of your questions can be answered by looking at some other posts in this blog like this one:


    The most important thing to remember when charged with an MIP in Michigan no matter how trivial your friends or the police or the court or even an attorney treats your MIP charge, it is a CRIMINAL misdemeanor offense that goes on your criminal history AND your driving record, whether you were driving or not. This has serious consequences on your future in the workplace, your driving history, your auto insurance rates, and your life. DO NOT treat it like a traffic ticket because it is a much more serious matter. I went to Michigan State, I know how a lot of students at MSU get MIPs and say you don’t need an attorney – and I know a lot of my own friends who got MIPs, plead guilty without an attorney and had the system run the over. Do not make that mistake, be smart, you’re in college. Representing yourself in court or getting some legal aide court appointed attorney is foolish. They will not spend the time they need to fight MIP cases that should be thrown out. My law firm will.

    Although you didn’t get an MIP – you have far more serious charges against you with the possession of marijuana, narcotics paraphernalia and the open intoxicants charge – yes you can go to jail and be placed on some serious probation with drug and alcohol testing, drug counseling, and like an MIP – all drug convictions get placed on your driving record, whether you were driving or not, which results in an automatic suspension of your Michigan driver’s license. The good news is that the marijuana and drug defense attorneys at Canu Torrice Law can help with those as well, and fight to keep the drug charges and other offenses off your record if not get them dismissed completely. Keeping your criminal record clean at your age is the most important thing you need to worry about. To be blunt, if you have a criminal conviction on your record your are at a serious disadvantage to getting a job vs. every other person you are going to school with who will be competing against you in the job market.

    Call our law firm today to speak to one of our Michigan MIP lawyers and our Michigan criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.

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