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Last month I got caught smoking a bowl behind my buddies place up at MSU while hanging out at Michigan State with some friends.  I’m 20 years old, and have never been in trouble but my parents dont know and it has to stay that way or they will kick me out.  I go to school somewhere else in Michigan and dont want to go to court 100 times for this possession of marijuana case, and dont want to lose my financial aid for college and dont want my parents to know.

I need a lawyer in Michigan who knows the courts up here at MSU in East Lansing to keep this possession charge off my record.  I stopped smoking weed now and am scared and just want this to all go away.  Can your lawyers help with this possession of marijuana case and can you PROMISE that my parents will not find out.  I know Im not 21 but I think I am an adult, and just want a clean record and want this drug charge GONE!



  1. Canu Torrice Law on February 3, 2012 at 1:24 pm said:

    As a preliminary matter, prior to addressing your Possession of Marijuana charge, it is important to address your confidentiality concerns. As attorneys we are prohibited from discussing any confidential legal or private matters with any third parties, which would include your parents. We are not permitted to disclose any information in any capacity regarding your case to anyone. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to worry about with regards to your parents finding out about this matter. In fact, if you don’t want any mail sent to you then we will only communicate via phone or e-mail. The attorney-client relationship is one of the most important fiduciary relationships in our society, and an atmosphere of confidence and trust is required for any successful attorney-client relationship. So to answer your question, no we will never reveal any confidential communications or information about you or your case to anyone, including your parents.

    Now moving onto the discussion of your Possession of Marijuana charge. Due to the fact that you have never been in trouble before together with your age, there are multiple options that we have at our disposal to help you. For example, you do qualify for HYTA as well as 7411. Both of these options would keep the drug charge off of your criminal record.

    As far as the court dates are concerned, we would limit your court dates to a minimum. Two of the attorneys here at Canu Torrice Law are Michigan State graduates and are familiar with the legal system in East Lansing. I assure you that you will not be in court constantly, so you will not have to worry about anything interfering with your school or work commitments.

    Please give us a call today so we can schedule a free consultation to either meet with you in person or over the phone.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

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