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I went out for New Year’s Eve in Royal Oak and was unfortuntly pulled over on Main Street as I was heading out of downtown Royal Oak. I figured I would be ok since I just live down 696 in Roseville. I knew that I had a few drinks but I didnt think I was drunk enough for an OWI or that new Super Drunk law. ┬áThe cop pulled me over at first because he said that i switched lanes without a turn signal. He said that he smelled intoxicants in the car and he made take the field sobriety test. I did ok at first but then when he made me blow in the breathalyzer I ended up blowing a .22. This apparentyly is enough for a Super Drunk OWI.

I had to spend the night in the drunk tank and was finally released the next day. I have never been in trouble with a drinking offense before and am really worried about this Super Drunk OWI. I have also heard from friends that it is not good to be in Royal Oak or Oakland County and get a OWI. Like I said I am from Macomb County (Roseville) and am worried that they will not give me any deals and I will be thrown in jail for my OWI. I also heard that the Super Drunk will get you even more penalties, fines and jail time. PLease help me with this drunk driving case because I will lose my job if I spend a lot of time in jail. Thanks for taking the time to read my drunk driving post.

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