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This is the craziest story.  I was downtown minding my own business and some cute girl waived me down.  I thought something was wrong so I stopped.  I did not have any intention of trying to pick up a girl.  She asked me if I wanted anything I told her no.  I asked her if she needed a ride somewhere and she continued to ask if I wanted something from her.  I swear I told her NO!  I did not even have any money in my pocket.  I drove off and BAM!!!! they stopped me and arrested me and took my fricken car.  I had to pay 900 to get it out and now I read these blogs and don’t know what to do????


  1. Peter Torrice on August 4, 2016 at 4:49 pm said:

    Billy, thanks for making a post. I have answered this exact same blog many times on this website. Please refer to:

    Again, we handle tons of these cases with the exact same fact pattern as yours. As you are aware, the problem is that there is a mandatory 45 days in jail if you are convicted of this crime. I understand that you have done nothing wrong, but you still risk the mandatory 45 days in jail if you decide to go to a trial on this case and are found guilty by a judge or jury.

    Fortunately, for you there are many options. I always like to meet with clients to go over the specifics of the clients situation. Every case that we handle is different and has many different fact patterns.

    Also, the City of Detroit law department are cracking down hard on Offer to Engage cases in Detroit. There is an epidemic in the City of Detroit regarding prostitutes and the City of Detroit is attempting to clean up the streets by arresting people for these cases. Additionally, the City of Detroit is in financial problems as you are probably aware and makes money off of the forfeiture on your automobile on Offer to Engage Cases.

    The best thing to do is make an appointment at my office to discuss your options. This consultation is free and we can discuss all of the current policies with the City of Detroit on these cases. It is important to have an attorney that deals with these cases all the time, otherwise you could be putting your freedom in jeopardy.

    You may contact me at any time at the office at 586-285-1700. You will need to bring all of the paperwork with you to the appointment so that I can review it.


    Peter A. Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
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