Neighbor's Tree Branch Fell on My House- What Should I Do?

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My neighbor has a tree right near the edge of his property that is next to my property and a huge tree branch fell on the side and roof of my house and I’m not sure what I should do. My neighbor and me have never gotten along and I want to sue him because this is the 3rd time a branch has fell on my property. I live in Clinton Township and have called the police before about this guy but nothing happens. My insurance company has told me they i should just file a claim but i feel like his insurance should cover everything or im not sure if it even matter s whose it is but i do know that i want to sue him because he should know that his tree is dangerous and because the branches continue to fall off and he does nothing. My roof is beginning to leak and and i have home damage on the side from the tree branch. I cant have water damage because i am worried about mold and possible flooding.

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