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i have 7 drunk drivings in Michigan - but its been like 3 years since the last one. i have only had 1 susp lic ticket since then tho. i stopped drinking while driving (and during the work week althogether!!!). other than one fatal accident, i have never even been in an accident! i have 5 kids to support & need a license to work! can u help?? i heard you were the best drivers license attorneys! sum other lawyer, sum pretty boy above buffalo wild wings already rejected my case!


  1. Andrew M. Canu on November 3, 2009 at 12:48 am said:

    In short, without even looking at your master driving record from Secretary of State, it is most likely that you are not eligible to even apply for reinstatement of your Michigan driver’s license because not enough time has past, and therefore no driver’s license lawyer in Michigan can help you with your case until you are eligible. Having a suspended license conviction since your last drunk driving is also very problematic because it likley resulted in an additional like suspension on your Michigan driver’s license. If the “buffalo wild wings” attorney you are referring to is who I think you are talking about, and there is really only one real driver’s license lawyer in that building, all I have to say is that he is hardly a pretty boy. ;)

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