I dont know what to do. I am in my second year at U of M ann arbor and I got busted with minor in possession and Possession of Marijuana. I was walking across the street with a beer and the cops stopped me and made me blow in a pbt. It read .08 .09 .10 .11. I blew in the damn thing four times and it kept going up. Then the ann arbor cop made me blow again. It went like this .14 .05 .02. What does all this stuff mean and what am I supposed to do?

After all that they searched me and found weed and a couple vicodin pills. I dont have a prescription but it is just a couple pills. They just took the pills from me but charged me with minor in possession of alcohol and posession of marijuana. Isnt .08 the legal limit? What is the legal limit if .08 isnt it?


  1. Peter A. Torrice on October 17, 2010 at 4:12 pm said:

    Thank you for your question to the Michigan criminal defense attorneys at http://www.AllLegalMatters.com. The attorneys at Canu Torrice Law practice in all courts throughout the State of Michigan. We were actually just at the district court of Ann Arbor on a similar issue and got a great result for our client.

    As you may know the charge of Minor in Possession of Alcohol (or MIP as it’s commonly called) and Possession of Marijuana in Ann Arbor, Michigan or anywhere else in the State of Michigan are both misdemeanor crimes, and they both carry with them some very serious sanctions and penalties, including the possibility of driver’s license sanctions on your Michigan driver’s license, and in the case of marijuana possession a mandatory driver’s license suspension for 6 months and the possibility of up to 1 year in jail. The odd nature of these charges is that regardless of whether or not you were driving when you were arrested for MIP or Possession of Marijuana, and even if you were no where near your car, these convictions are still required to be abstracted to your Michigan driver’s license and your master driving record with Secretary of State.

    This law firm has had great success before the Ann Arbor District Court Judges, like we do in every court in Michigan, because we provide the best legal representation possible and prepare our clients for every aspect of the case. In the case I most recently concluded in Ann Arbor Michigan, my client violated his bond by continuing to use marjuana even though he knew the court was going to test him, and because of our advocacy we were able to present a complelling case on his behalf, and he walked away from Court with no jail, no convictions on his record, minumum fines, and he does not even have reporting probationv- which was fortunate for him because of his schedule at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

    As a side note, .08 is the legal limit. However in Michigan when you are under 21 years old we have what is called zero tolerance. That means that you can not have any ounce of alcohol in your blood. You may also say that you were not drinking and simply carrying the beer. However, this is also considered a minor in possession. It sounds to me that the pbt machine is dysfunctional considering the multiple blow attempts that had results of .08, .09, .10. 11.

    Check out this link too. http://alllegalmatters.com/blog/general/michigan-attorney-mip-13-years-violation-probation-judge-asadoorian-rochester-hills-michigan-523district-court/

    Contact Canu Torrice Law immediately for a free consultation. Your prior MIP may prevent a complication in your case, but it should not be a major obstacle for our attorneys to overcome in attempting to keep these charges off your criminal record and saving your driver’s license from any suspensions.

    Peter A. Torrice
    Canu Torrice Law
    32059 Utica
    Fraser, MI 48026

  2. annarbor on October 17, 2010 at 4:31 pm said:

    You guys r the best! I got an MIP at Michigan and these guys got my case dismissed! Peter Torrice is an awesome attorney and he took care of me.

    Thanks again guys!

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