Michigan "Up-North" Lawyer Needed: Got Speeding Traffic Ticket in West Branch on I-75 Coming Back From Houghton Lake Michigan

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(Post re-located by Administration) I just got a traffic ticket in West Branch Michigan for speeding ticket on my way back from up north in Houghton Lake today just after exit 215. State Trooper was waiting at the bottom of the hill on 75 South I know it’’s not that serious like a drnk driving or anything but I was doing 90 mph in a 70 mph zone I was wrote up for speeding ticket 80/70 mph and can’t handle the points on my driving record so I need attorney to lawyer me out these points if you know what I mean. Don’t care about the fines, but these up north Michigan cops are crazy about speeding tickets, I mean everyone around me was going like 90 mph or more but I was busted. Traffic isn’t exactly a crime but I feel like this Trooper will be a prick in court can you help me up there?


  1. Peter A. Torrice on March 9, 2010 at 1:02 am said:

    I love how everyone in Michigan (including myself) refers to anything 30 minutes north of the Metro Detroit area as “Up North.” I have family that still lives in the Gladwin and Houghton Lake area and they call the U.P. of Michigan Up North. It’s great.

    We can help you with your speeding ticket in West Branch, which is a common issue for many Up North travellers. The areas of Standish and West Branch Michigan are notorious speed traps along I-75, and those courts make a lot of money off speeding tickets. I always see people pulled over along 75 whenever driving Up North to the Canu Torrice Law office in Roscommon, Michigan. Whenever you have a speed trap like that, many times the traffic stop results in DUI/OWI Possession of Marijuana and Suspended License DWLS charges for unwary drivers, as many of our clients will tell you.

    In the lower parts of Michigan, expecially the Metro Detroit area, pleading down speeding tickets is a well known and readily acceptable practice. We do it all the time for our clients with relative ease, even for clients with terrible driving records.

    It may sound strange, but speeding tickets in Northern Michigan or “Up North” can sometimes be the most difficult thing to represent clients on because the various prosecutors for the courts in the Northern part of the Lower Penninsula in Michigan many times refuse to negotiate or offer pleas on traffic tickets, especially if the officer gave the driver a “road break.” For example if you were clocked on radar as driving 89 MPH in a 70 MPH zone (like on I-75), but the officer only wrote you up for driving 80 MPH in a 70 MPH, which still carries points on your record, some jurisdictions have prosecutors who will not reduce the ticket any further, expecially without a good defense attorney. . . which is all the more reason to hire a lawyer. Even a 5 MPH over speeding offense can mean big increases in yor insurance rates.

    In fact, the prosecutors in some Up North Michigan court jurisdictons, like Traverse City and Standish (Arenac County), will actually file a “Motion to Amend Civil Infraction” and will ask the court to increase the charges to the original speed you were accused of doing (in the example above 89 MPH) if you DARE try to schedule a court date. Gratiot County in Michigan is also notorious for doing this.

    At Canu Torrice Law we just recently represented a client on a traffic ticket who was headed up to Higgins Lake to meet his family and while driving through Standish Michigan, Arenac County, was caught doing 82 MPH on I-75. The deputy gave a “road break” and wrote our client up for 80 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, which our client knew would result in points on his driving record and increase his insurance. He wisely hired our office and despite the motion to amend the speeding ticket filed by the prosecutor, we were able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charges all together and reduce the speeding ticket to a simple impeding traffic, which carries zero (0) points and does not even go on your Michigan master driving record with Secretary of State. That would have never happened without hiring our “Up North” attorneys.

    Canu Torrice Law attorneys practice all over the state of Michigan and we know the habits of the various courts and prosecutors, which is why we can effectively represent clients anywhere in Michigan.

    Please feel free to call our office today at (586) 285-1700 and we will be glad to help you.

    Canu Torrice Law PLLC / Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. MotorCityMike on March 9, 2010 at 10:11 pm said:

    That was actually me that you hooked up thank you so much. I used you guys for traffic tickets in St. Clair Shores before and you always got me off without any points or anything on my record but pulling this deal off was awesome!!! I thought getting pulled over for doing only 82 on I 75 north through Standish was rediculous, and then when I heard the prosecutor wanted to increase the charges to what I was radar’d at I thought, but you did a great job to get that traffic ticket knocked down to something that doesnt go on my record….didnt care abt fine. YOu guys are the best drivers license and traffic ticket attorneys around in MI dont care where you are. Thank you so much again for saving points on my record and $$$$ for insuance rates.

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