Michigan Driver’s License Appeals and Restoration Attorneys at Canu Torrice Law in Fraser, Michigan – Why You Need a Michigan Lawyer for Suspended or Revoked Michigan Driver’s License Legal Problems

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I hope this article can serve to answer a lot of the post questions below to our Michigan attorneys and our driver’s license legal team about suspended and revoked driver’s license issues.  At & Torrice, PLLC / www.AllLegalMatters.com we get a lot of calls from clients looking for a driver’s license attorney to help with their suspended or revoked Michigan driver’s license legal problems.    I have also noticed that this topic gets a lot of attention on Canu Torrice Law’s free legal blog here.  That’s because the Michigan driver’s license attorneys lawyers at Canu Torrice Law are among the most experienced and qualified driver’s license attorneys in the State of Michigan. The Canu Torrice Law driver’s license attorneys have dedicated a large portion of their practice to driver’s license appeals and restoration cases, and as a result our Michigan driver’s license attorneys have helped countless Michigan drivers get their driving privileges restored.

If your Michigan driver’s license is suspended, restricted or revoked due to multiple drunk driving offenses, Implied Consent violations (refusal of a breathalyzer test), too many points from traffic tickets, Drug Crime convictions, or any other driving related legal problems, the driver’s license attorneys at Canu Torrice Law help you today!

Your Michigan driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, and the Michigan Secretary of State establishes the laws that govern your Michigan driving privileges. Protecting your privilege to drive in Michigan is extremely important because Michigan is predominantly a commuter state, meaning that there is no effective means of mass transportation in Michigan, like subways or trains, that can effectively get you to and from work or school if you do not have a valid Michigan driver’s license.

What Causes Your Michigan Driver’s License To Be Revoked or Suspended and Why You Need a Canu Torrice Law Attorney?

There are numerous ways your Michigan driver’s license, also known as your “Operator’s License,” and your Michigan driving privileges can be restricted, revoked or suspended due to traffic and criminal convictions. Under any of these circumstances you should contact Canu Torrice Law for a free consultation and ask to speak with one of our expert Michigan driver’s license lawyers. A restriction, revocation or suspension of your Michigan driver’s license may result from having too many civil infractions or traffic tickets on your driving record, or from being convicted of certain criminal offenses (such as multiple drunk driving/OWI convictions, or driving while license suspended/DWLS charges), as well as for other offenses such as your refusal to blow in a breathalyzer machine upon your arrest for drunk driving under Michigan’s “Implied Consent” law.

Under Michigan law, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked if you are have too many “points” on your master driving record maintained by the Michigan Secretary of State from convictions for moving violations, such as speeding, disobeying a traffic control device (like running a stop sign or red light), improper turn, traffic accidents, and careless driving.

Your driving privileges may also be suspended or revoked for certain criminal offenses, such as drunk driving (OWI/OUIL/OUI/DUI) convictions, driving while your license is suspended, restricted or revoked (DWLS/DWLR), driving without a driver’s license, leaving the scene of a personal injury or property damage accident (hit & run), drug crimes such as possession of cocaine, heroin, or marijuana, and other offenses such as drag racing, vehicular manslaughter, and other criminal convictions.

Also, under Michigan’s “Implied Consent” law, all drivers with a Michigan driver’s license automatically consent to be given a breathalyzer test at a police station (on a “Data Master” machine) upon the lawful request of a police officer who has probable cause to believe you were drunk driving. Your failure or refusal to consent to be given this breathalyzer test for blood alcohol levels will result in six (6) points being added to your master driving record with the Michigan Secretary of State, and your driver’s license will automatically be suspended for a period of one (1) year.

Restoring Your Michigan Driving Privileges – Why the Michigan Driver’s License Attorneys At Canu Torrice Law Are the Best Lawyers in Michigan!

The Driver’s license attorneys at Canu Torrice Law are renowned and recognized by the legal community as the most successful and well trained driver’s license restoration lawyers in Michigan.  In fact, many attorneys who practice driver’s license appeals and restoration were trained by us while we were practicing at previous law firms.   Now they try to imitate us, but they fail.  We are the true driver’s license appeal and driver’s license restoration experts in Michigan.

To date the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law have NEVER lost a driver’s license appeals case that we have been retained on from the very first driver’s license appeal by a client!  That is a fact. This is because the driver’s license lawyers at Canu Torrice Law are the foremost experts in driver’s license restoration law and driver’s license appeals in Michigan. The Canu Torrice Law attorneys know the law, the legal process, and the system better than any other attorneys in the State of Michigan because we handle more driver’s license cases and more difficult suspended revoked license cases than most other attorneys.  That type of experience cannot be copied, no matter how hard other lawyers try.

If you have lost your driver’s license in Wayne County, Macomb County, Oakland County, St. Clair County, or anywhere in the State Michigan, we can help you get your Michigan driver’s license back. We have represented countless clients whose license has been revoked due to too many traffic tickets, Implied Consent violations, or having more than one drunk driving conviction. As soon you retain the driver’s license experts at Canu Torrice Law, we start educating you on the legal pitfalls associated with license restoration cases, and developed a customized legal strategy to help ensure that your driving privileges are successfully restored.

The Legal Process of Restoring You Michigan Driver’s License with Canu Torrice Law’s Driver’s License Legal Team.

Driver’s license restoration in Michigan generally takes two (2) forms. In the first case, a Michigan driver who has lost their license can challenge the suspension or revocation by filing an action in the Circuit Court in the county where they reside. In these situations, a Michigan Circuit Court Judge has the authority to decide whether to deny their request, fully restore their license, or reinstate their license with restricted driving privileges. In the second situation (where most Michigan driver’s license restoration cases fall), a Michigan driver appeals the revocation of their driver’s license (hopefully with the assitance of a Michigan driver’s license attorney at Canu Torrice Law) by petitioning the Michigan Secretary of State Drivers’ Assessment and Appeal Division (“DAAD,” formerly known as “DLAD”) and by appearing before an Administrative Law Judge with legal justification for having their license restored. This DAAD/DLAD hearing is your chance to contest the revocation of your driver’s license, and to persuade the Administrative Law Judge to reinstate your Michigan driving privileges. Proper legal representation in all driver’s license cases is required because the Michigan Secretary of State establishes extremely strict guidelines to determine whether a suspended driver is eligible to apply for an appeal, and it is often limited to only one appeal per year. In many drunk driving cases, an appeal cannot be filed for at least 1 to 5 year after the date of conviction. Fact: the vast majority of people who try to appeal the suspension or revocation of their driver’s license without a trained Michigan driver’s license lawyer lose the appeal. If you try to appeal yourself and you lose, then you generally have to wait another year before you are eligible to petition the Michigan Secretary of State for another hearing, and your chances of getting your driver’s license back decrease substantially.

Obtaining a qualified and experienced driver’s license attorney to restore your driving privileges is essential to get back on the road. At Canu Torrice Law, our driver’s license lawyers are experts in getting Michigan drivers back on the road again. Our success rate is unparalleled, and our driver’s license attorneys are the most qualified in the state of Michigan. However, the process of restoring your driver’s license is involved and complicated, and it is important to present the most compelling case at your hearing possible. Unprepared or ill prepared cases will result in the Judge denying your request and another year must pass before the process for restoration can begin again. Representation by competent counsel is critical to the success of license restoration.

Your first step towards restoring your driver’s license is to call the Michigan driver’s license attorneys at Canu Torrice Law immediately! We will review your master driving record and provide a comprehensive assessment of your case. By planning and presenting a fully prepared case at your hearing, with the help of Canu Torrice Law, you will be back on the road again.

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