Looking for Michigan Civil Business Collection Attorney Lawyer or Law Firm to Sue Company That Owes My Corporation Money on Unpaid Invoices – Want to File Lawsuit

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I give you guys credit.  When Michigan business owners say such good things about their civil collection attorneys that says a lot about the lawyers at your law firm.  Let me tell you its tough to get paid in Michigan especially in manufacturing business and you need a good attorney to lawyer-it-up sometimes to get these big companies to pay their invoices and bills.

I see you are a local Macomb county law firm in Fraser Michigan that does civil collection work I hope you can help or give me some advice.  I am the plant manager at a local Tier 1 / 2 manufacturing company in Roseville Michigan, and like everyone else with the Big 3′s problems and loss of work we are down to a skeleton crew of employees and a struggling to survive.  It doesn’t help when some larger companies we still do work for don’t pay their bills.   We have used larger law firms  in Michigan in the past to do collection work and lawsuits but my owner is done with paying $350 an hour for some big firm to over bill and under produce.  By the time we get done paying them attorney fees and settle we break even at best and waste a year fighting in court. It’s not worth it to sue sometimes.

I need a Michigan attorney or law firm to help collect money from company that owes my manufacturing business $8000 in unpaid invoices.  This company is 120 days past due on their account and has made no effort to pay their invoices.    Can one of your Michigan civil attorneys help collect on this unpaid bill and get this corporation to pay their invoices in a cost-efficient manner?  Is their any way for us to sue on our own outside of small claims because we can only get $3000 max there I have found out from experience.  We want our money and we are willing to take some kind of settlement but not less than 50 cents on the dollar which small claims would force us to do.  We are not afraid to sue but when you get a $9000 legal bill from a law firm on a $8000 claim its obviously not worth it.


  1. Peter A. Torrice on March 9, 2010 at 1:14 am said:

    You are obviously well versed in the reality of civil litigation and small business collection issues in Michigan. You can only sue for up to $3k in small claims court, and depending on the court, many times they will not let businesses that are legal entities (corporations, LLCs, etc. – not d/b/a businesses) sue in that forum because it would amount to the unauthorized practice of law.

    You are correct that an $8k claim is not generally worth hiring an attorney, but that statement is also qualified by what lawyer you hire for your collection work. Many Michigan law firms and attorneys over-charge and over bill their clients for very basic civil work and easy lawsuits. Others seek 50% contingency fees on collection work. We do not do that at my law firm. I have a list of civil client referrals that will tell you how effective and efficient I am in my litigation practices, and how fair I am in my billing. I also get results.

    Please call my office for a free consultation and I assure you I may change your mind about collection practices and civil attorneys for small businesses.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

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