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I was driving home from work in Warren and I made a no turn on red and the Warren cop saw me and pulled me over. I completely forgot that my license plate tags had expired they were only a month expired and the cop said he smelled marijuana in the car. I had a joint sitting in the ashtray that wasnt even lit but he said he smelled it. The cop wrote me up for possession of marijuana and for expired license tags. I just got off of probation a couple months ago in Warren and I am worried that the judge will see that and i might be put in jail. I know i made some mistakes in my past but i do have a family now and this is really embarasing for me all becuase i was stupid and forgot to get my license plate tags renewed and i made a wrong turn. My court date for the marijuana possession and expired tags is coming up soon at the Warren District Court so despirately need help.

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