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Man…this is some nonsense!!!  They took my f’in car and said I was loitering in a place of illegal operation.  I was in Detroit hanging out with some of my boys and dis cop came up and said we was up to no good.  He said we was loitering in a place of illegal operation becasue we had some girls with us.  Im not gonna say these girls was the most innocent, but we wasnt doing nothing.

What am I supposed to do?  They took my escalade and searched me and charged me 1000 dollars to get my car back.  This is highway robbery!!!  What is the penalty for this case?  Should I just pay the fine or go to court or what?  I know im probably screwed on that money, but thats BS!


  1. Peter A. Torrice on November 20, 2010 at 1:59 pm said:

    Sir, thank you for your blog. Ironically someone just posted a similar blog about the exact same type of case. Detroit must be cracking down on Loitering in a place of Illegal Operation.

    Please refer to this link: http://alllegalmatters.com/blog/general/loitering-place-illegal-occupation-detroit/#comments

    To answer your question directly, the police attempt to use the forfeiture laws to get money for the city of Detroit. It is pretty much highway robbery what they do as you stated above. You are forced to pay to get your car back and then you have to go to court. I suggest you contact us immediately. This case, although not the most severe charge, can be problematic for you and could potentially land you in jail.

    Although the Loitering in a Place of Illegal Occupation charge you are facing is a city ordinance, it has some serious consequences including a potential issue with having a crime of moral turpitude on your record, so it is important you do not let the Detroit court system take advantage of you. Below you will find the city ordinance for this crime.

    Sec. 38-5-1. – Disorderly conduct.
    Any person who shall make or assist in making any noise, disturbance, or improper diversion or any rout or riot, by which the peace and good order of the neighborhood is disturbed, or any person who shall consume alcoholic beverages on any street or sidewalk, or who shall engage in any indecent or obscene conduct in any public place, or who shall engage in an illegal occupation, or who shall loiter in a place of illegal occupation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

    The first step you need to take is to contact me at the number below. We will walk you through the steps to try to keep this off of your record completely. We will have an arraignment and if you do not have a retained lawyer there you will get stuck with some court appointed lawyer who will be representing 60 people on the same day. Having me there will ensure that you get out of the court room quick and you do not have to deal with the staff at the 36th District Court.

    Contact http://WWW.ALLLEGALMATTERS.COM or call Canu Torrice Law to schedule a free consultation IMMEDIATELY so we can get going on your case right away. There is nothing we like better than walking out of the courthouse there with yet another dismissal under our belt.

    Peter A. Torrice
    Canu Torrice Law
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

  2. Peter, thanks for the quick response. I will be calling you immediately. Thank you!

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