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Hi my fiance is currently doing 3 years felony probation for DV 2nd and R&O from back in July 2013. When he picked up his 2nd DV he was already on probatin for his first. Back in In July He had been drinking and we were sleeping in our track at a friends wait in for them to get there when he started freaking out in his sleep and repeatedly hitting me until a kid came up and woke him up to stop him. Now I don’t remember really nothing except for jumping out of the truck running to neighbors and blacking out/losing consciousness till first responders got there. Now he don’t have the nicest record but we both have been dong counseling and I want the no contact order removed so we may work on and move forward in our relationship his PO told me I had to write a letter to the judge my concern s he is telling him things Like I had an attitude and that I didn’t want to try it that way when I didn’t and never said anything close to that. His PO obviously don’t agree with dropping it so I was wondering if I could get a sample letter or some real good advice on what to say or how to word it because I am gonna have to make this an awesome letter. Please help I really want to get my family back and work on our future 10 years is to long to just forget about.


  1. Peter Torrice on March 10, 2014 at 11:55 pm said:

    Jessica, thank you for your question. As I am sure you are aware a no contact order is an order by a judge not to have any contact of any kind. However, it is possible that this no contact order may be lifted.

    Because the judge ordered the no contact order, it will be the judge who will be able to also remove the no contact order. Your fiance will need to file a motion and request that the no contact order be lifted. Since you are in agreement with it, this motion being granted will be much more likely. You will need to be present at the hearing to explain to the judge why you agree that the no contact order should be lifted.

    If your fiance needs help filing this motion we can do that for him. I would suggest giving him the information below to contact myself or another attorney at our office. There are many steps that must take place for this to happen and he needs to make sure he hires a lawyer that knows what they are doing in this circumstance.

    Thanks again for your questions.

    Peter Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

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