Lawyers Advice for DWLS/DWLR charges in Warren Court and Roseville Michigan Court for Driving With Suspended Driver's License After Losing License to DUI Drung Drivings

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I lost my Michigan driver’s license 6 months ago for having my 2nd dui drunk driving and the state took my driving license away and suspended it for a year until i could get it back.  My first drunk driving case was reduced to operting impaired and not dui drunk driving but my second was was an OWI charge and they wouldnt reduce it at all.  Problem is I have to drive to work and I am a landscaper and I drive all over, so in the last month I got 2 DWLS charges for driving on my suspended license in Warren and Roseville Michigan and now I have court dates. I know this is bad but how bad is it? What’s gonna happen to my drivers license and will the State of Michigan ever give it back to me now. Can you keep me out of jail and save my drivers license please help I will lose my job and I make decent money in the summer months.  Also I am on probation for my last drunk driving still for the OWI case so I am afraid this will violate my probation there.  Can you help and is there anything that can evn be done?


  1. Peter A. Torrice on May 8, 2011 at 11:55 am said:

    You have major problems, but the lawyers at Canu Torrice Law can help with your DWLS/DWLR and driver’s license suspension.

    You have multiple driver’s license and legal issues due to your DWLS/DWLR charges in Warren and Roseville, as well as the adminstrative revokation of your Michigan driver’s license from the Secretary of State due to two (2) or more alcohol related convictions for drinking and driving in Michigan (it doe snote matter whether your plea(s) were for impaired driving/OWVI/Operating While Visibly Impaired or OWI/DUI/drunk driving, so long as it was an alcohol related driving conviction).

    First, in Michigan if you have 2 alcohol related driving convictions for drinking and driving within a 7 year period, whether it was for operating while visibly impaired/OWVI or operating while intoxicated/OWI, you receive an automatic REVOCATION of your Michigan driver’s license – it is revoked not suspended. After 1 year, you may file an appeal with the Secertary of State’s Driver’s Assessment and Appeal Division (“DAAD” formerly called Driver’s License Appeal Division or “DLAD”) and you may petition to have your license reinstated, but you do NOT automatically get it back after 1 year. In fact, without an experienced driver’s license attorney representing you, it is very likely you will be denied your driver’s license on appeal to Secretary of State.

    Now, with these 2 new criminal offenses for DWLS/DWLR (Driving While License Suspended/Driving While License Revoked) in Warren and Roseville Michigan, you are facing an additional 1 year being tacked on to your driver’s license appeal period for EACH charge . . . meaning if you are convicted of anything relating to your DWLS/DWLR charge that goes on your Michigan driving record, even if its reduced to a simple speeding ticket, it may be an additonal 3 years before you can even appeal to have your Michigan driver’s license reinstated. You are also facing potential jail time as DWLS/DWLR is a 93 day misdemeanor crime in Michigan. Also, you are certainly facing jail for violating your probation on the 2nd offense drunk driving you currently are on probation for, and depending on the city where you were convicted, this may be a very serious problem.

    This is a situation that must be handled by an experienced driver’s license DWLS/DWLR criminal defense attorney that practices in the 37th Judicial District Court in Warren and the 39th Judicial District Court in Roseville/Fraser. Fortunately for your the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law have handled countless cases like this and have not only kept our clients out of jail, but we also succesfully had these charges dismissed and reduced to non-abstractable offenses that do not go on your Michigan driving record so that we may still file a driver’s license appeal to get your suspended or revoked Michigan driver’s license reinstated through the driver’s license appeal process. We also must endeavor to keep you out of jail for any probation violation you may be charged with as a result of picking up these 2 new criminal suspended license convictions. Depending on the circumstances of your new DWLS/DWLR charges and yuour probation, if we act quickly on these pending charges we MAY be able to prevent you from even being charged with a probation violation.

    The key is simple, you MUST act immediately and contact our law firm today. Do not wait for your court date, or use a court appointed attorney, or hire the “cheapest” attorney you can find, or waint and see what happens, because believe me – waiting will only hurt you and not all criminal defense attorneys are capable of handling a case like this. You need a driver’s license lawyer who is experienced in DWLS/DWLR cases and who knows the courts, the prosecutors, and the driver’s license laws in Michigan to save you in a situation like this – otherwise you will have major problems ever getting your driver’s license back, and you may end up in jail.

    The Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Canu Torrice Law are experts in the area of suspended licenses and driver’s license issues lie yours, and these DWLS/DWLR charges in Warren and Roseville require such legal representation by a qualified Michigan driver’s license lawyer. Many of our past clients, as well as other attorneys, consider Canu Torrice Law to be the best driver’s license lawyers in the State of Michigan.

    Contact my law firm today and schedule a free consultation so we may discuss the particulars of your case further. I look forward to adding your to our long list of client success stories, and getting your driver’s license back!

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. MoMo Here on May 13, 2011 at 1:16 am said:

    Peter Torrice and his attorneys that work for him at his law firm are the best attorneys in Macomb County for any criminal case trust me. I send everyone who works for me or who I know to them, you will be fine if you call them, ask anyone who works for me. Best criminal defense attorneys and business attorneys around. Your suspensed license problems are small compared to what I have seen and this is your guy. Ask around you will see. Keep up the good work Peter!


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