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Wow I need help in a major way from an attorney and I have never been so scared or stressed in my whole life.  I’m 40 years old and I had a child with a women 9 years ago. it was a one night stand and I was up in Michigan visiting family and then I moved back down to Florida where I lived most my life and sure enough I got her pregnant but didn’t even hear about it until almost a year later.  She started a Friend of the Court Child SUpport lawsuit case against me andeven though I never got any paperwork or anything, and I never had no lawyer and all of a sudden I’m paying thousands of dollars in child support all these years ago. The Wayne County judge in Michiga ordered me to make these child support payments but then I lost my job and the child support arrears kept piling up and I fell way far behind in child support payments and now I owe like $50,000 dollars.  I dont even make that much in 2 years when I was working!!!  Now I have a felony case for non payent of child support in Detroit Michigan at Wayne County Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the attorney general for Michigan is prosecuting me and I am facing prison time!  I didnt even know I had a warrant for my arrest for child support arrearages but I was arrested in Florida and brought me all the way up here to Michigan to face charges. I was in jail for 2 days before they even arriaigned me and I had no lawyer and I was screwed.  I am not even in front of the sam judge who ordered the child support and they say if I dont have the money I am going to be convicted of a felony and go to jail or prison.  How the hell can I catch up and continue to pay child support payments from prison????  I have a lot of questions so I will try to be focused.  

The mom of this 9 year old and I have been talking and we came to an agreement on our own that if I pay her $10,000 at once she will just forgive and waive the rest of the money I owe through friend of the court and then we want to get out of friend of the court in Detroit alltogether and I will just pay here what I can when I can.  Things are much friendlier with the mother and I now and she wants to help me but the prosecutor from attorney generals office wont help and the friend of the court lady said I cant come to an agreement with the mother of this child even if she wants to.   How is that possible?????  This is the stupidest thing I ever heard.  If I dont pay money I dont have I go to jail where I cant pay anything for sure then I will be a felon and will never get a job with a felony on my record so then I really wont be able to cathc up or pay.  No one cares in the court and the state just wants to prosecute me because they say I am a dead beat dad.  I am unemployed and broke so how am I a deadbeat dad?

I need an attorney to represent me in this child support felony case  but I also need a child support family law attorney to help me figure out a way to pay this lady money and let us figure out what is a fair amount to pay for child support and get away from the Wayne COnty friend of court because I am seriously broke and unemployed.  I have to drain most of what is left in my 401k on hardship just to get the $10,000 to pay this women to try and catch up.  I do not want to take $10,000 out, pay her, then still owe $40,000 more plus continuing to pay FOC child support payments and have a felony on my record and maybe go to jail.

 Can a lawyer from your law firm help defend me with both my felony child support case and my friend of the court problems in Detroit?  That Wayne County Frank Murphy court in Detroit Michigan and those people at friend of the court are so rude and unhelpful  I need some attorney who knows that screwed up system down there to help me get this deal done.  My mom and dad are going to help me pay for an attoney to defend and represent me on this criminl felony non support case and the child support payment MI friend of the court issue, so I do have money to hire you, but I just want to know something can be done.


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