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i was forced to plea of a Operated vehicle while impared by liquor, inkster MI in 2007.  EVEN THOUGH i blew under the legal limit for alcohol when given the breathalizer, i refused the PBT on the traffic stop but blew well under when i did the datamaster blow at the jail.  The reason they arrested me was because of suspiction of DUI OWIbut i blew under like i said, i had a drivers responsility fee that was due and my Michigan drivers license was suspended (revoked).  i have been through a very rough time the past 3 years financially an have not been able to pay all the fees.  im finally able to pay but i want to hire an attorney to reveiew and go after being able to drive again.


  1. Peter A. Torrice on June 3, 2010 at 4:29 pm said:

    Your problem described is a little vague. I assume you had a prior conviction(s) for drunk driving or impaired driving in Michigan or elsewhere (DUI/OUIL/OWI/OWVI)? You only mention the 2007 drunk driving conviction and one (1) OWI/DUI/ OWVI concition alone will not revoke your license. If the driver’s license “supension” you are describing is merely because of unpaid driver’s responsibility fees with Secretary of State associated with your 2007 drunk driving conviction, then there is really nothing any Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer can do to help you, and you must pay them before you can get your license back. If you are talking about reopening your case because there is an issue with your plea, or you had evidentiary issues that should have been raised at trial in 2007, then you’re out of luck. The liklihood of that happening is extremely small, if it is possible at all.

    However, without reviewing your master driving record with Secretary of State, your old case file, and meeting with you for a free consulation, it will be impossible to advise you.

    Contact our office today for a free consutation and we will find out what we can do, if anything.

    Peter A. Torrice
    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. FREE BIRD on June 22, 2010 at 10:32 pm said:

    I got my drivers license back with these lawyers just last month…best money I ever spent. Thanks again.

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