Need Drivers License Appeal Lawyer to Fix My Screw UP I Went TO DAAD Secretary fo State To Get My Drivers License Back and Lost

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Need a drivers license lawyer here in Michigan to help me i screwed up majorly and now i dont know if anyone can help me.  I live in Macomb Township and i lost my license because its suspended because of 2 drunk drivings here in Michigan and went with an attorney 2 years ago to Secetary of State for a drivers license appeal and lost.  After that I had to wait until this year to go back and I went by myself and lost again now my drivers license is revoked they said and I am really screwed!  I need my drivers license or I will lose my job because i cant keep askin my friends and my dad to drive me around everywhere.  Is it too late to reopen my case and try to get my license back to drive this year.  I wish I woudl have found your law office sooner but after my last attorney skrewd up i figured might as well try it on my own now I know tht was as HUGE mistake!!!

Please help if you can, thank you!


  1. Peter A. Torrice on February 23, 2011 at 10:49 pm said:

    Well, this won’t be the first time we had to correct a Michigan driver’s license appeal screw up where someone tried to go alone without a qualified Michigan driver’s license attorney. There are certain avenues we may be able to pursue to help restore your driver’s license in Michigan and repair whatever damage you may have done, but we need to act NOW! Any delay may prejudice your legal rights.

    Contact my law firm today for a free consultation and I will help you get back on the road at all costs! In Michigan if you don’t have a driver’s license, you don’t have a job, and the driver’s license lawyers at my law firm are the best in the State of Michigan.

    Call today for a free consultation, and go obtain a copy of your master driving record with the Michigan Secretary of State ASAP so you can fax it to my law office for review.

    Peter A. Torrice
    Canu Torrice Law
    (5860 285-1700

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