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My wife and I got into a heated argument and the neighbor heard us and called the St. Clair Shores police. I didnt lay my hands on my wife but we were yelling pretyy loud, loud enough for the nieghbor to hear i guess.  We had both been drinking and things got a little out of control. When the cops came they right away put me in handcuffs and got my wifes story.  Then they took my side of the story. They told me i was under arrest for domestic violence and I couldnt believe it. I have a clean record and do not have a violent history at all.

I was thinking of just using the public defender for my pretrial that is coming up next week for the domestic violence charge because my wife said she is going to ask to get the domestic violence charge dismissed because she didnt want the court to press charges at all because it was just a big misunderstanding. Before I just got the public defender for my pretrial i wanted to find out if i should just go with that because my wife is just going to ask for the case to be dismissed anyway.

Im a good citizen in the community and i have never had any kind of violent past let alone a domestic violence charge in my life. PLease help with some advice for this domestic violence case and whether or not i should just go with the public defender or i should stop by your attorneys office.


  1. Canu Torrice Law on October 19, 2012 at 11:54 am said:

    This is a very common situation that unfortunately occurs when a married couple gets into a heated exchange. At Canu Torrice Law I have handled many domestic violence cases that are similar to yours. Normally, these domestic violence issues occur when an average married couple has a few too many drinks, an argument escalates and the next thing you know the cops show up. Suddenly you are spending the night in jail and you have a domestic violence charge. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer I can help you out and you should not take your chances with a public defender who does not have the time or resources to help you the way a criminal defense attorney at Canu Torrice Law can.

    I have been successful in getting domestic violence charges dismissed and I am confident that I can help you out with your domestic violence charge. I want to give you some brief information on what a domestic violence charge is. Domestic violence is an assault and/or battery between family, married couples or people who have children together. Although you said you did not touch your wife an assault by definition does not mean that you physically struck your wife, it just means that the other person was placed in fear of an unlawful touching. This is most likely the basis why you were put under arrest and were charged with domestic violence, since you said there was no physical contact.

    Although your wife does not want to press charges and wants the case dismissed, this is not her call because once the domestic violence charge is authorized by the prosecutor or city attorney, the prosecutor has control to proceed with the case, not the “victim.” The prosecutor, on behalf of the people (the city, county, state where the crime occurred) charges the defendant with the crime.

    As I mentioned before, Canu Torrice Law’s criminal defense attorneys have a long track record of getting domestic violence charges dismissed and have years of experience in the St. Clair Shores area and throughout Macomb County. Not only do we represent domestic violence defendants, we also represent victims who no do not want to pursue a domestic violence charge against a family member.

    Since your pre-trial is next week, please call the Canu Torrice Law Office immediately for a free consultation so we can discuss your domestic violence charge in St. Clair Shores and we can work on getting situation resolved.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

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