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I live in Eastpointe Michigan and I was pulled over by Warren cops for speeding on Mound Road, and right when we were getting stopped I was smoking a joint with my friend right before.  The car probably smelled like dope but I ate the roach before they pulled me over so it’s not like there was nothing in the car that could be seen when I was stopped, but the asshole Warren police made us get out of the car and searched the whole car without asking and opened the trunk with my keys. They found like only a little over half ounce of  bud in 3 bags because I bought 3 quarters a few days earlier, but it was all mine.  I had a stupid little hand scale and some empty baggies in the car, and they are charging me with selling weed and the judge said I could go to jail for 4 years or something, and they also took $250 bucks from me for no reason that was all mine from my paycheck and now are charging me with a felony for selling pot! Can the police just search my car for no reason and do Warren police do this all the time? These cops were pricks in Warren let me tell ya they’re dicks.  Smashed my face into the hood of my car and fucked up my hand by putting the cuffs on too hard. 

Can you guys help me I’m only 19 and going to college this fall and this will ruin my life. I saw your website advertised on your sign when I drove by your office and found this legal question blog which seems really helpful.  I’ll come in to meet with you but first I was wondering if you could answer some of these questions first. I am freaking out and my parents are gonna kill me! Thank god I was spending the weekend at my boy’s house when this happened but he had to pay $500 bucks to get me out.  Now I owe him.  When will they give his money back?

Please help.


  1. Thank for visiting and posting on our Michigan legal questions blog! The lawyers at Canu Torrice Law are among Michigan best criminal defense attorneys for all types of drug and narcotic misdemeanor and felony charges.

    The charge of Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) or Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana (Pot) in Michigan is a 4 year felony offense that carries some significant penalties outside of possible prison time, including the mandatory suspension of your Michigan driver’s license. This is the type of felony drug charge where you MUST retain a qualified criminal defense attorney. The attorneys at Canu Torrice Law handle hundreds of these cases year after year in the City of Warren and throughout Macomb County, Wayne County, Oakland County and all over the State of Michigan.

    Although speeding may be a legitimate reason for Warren Police, or any police officer, to stop your motor vehicle, the 4th Amendment and volumes of Michigan and Federal case law interpreting the 4th Amendment, including the recent Supreme Court opinion of Arizona v. Gant, severely limit the ability of law enforcement officers to arbitrarily search your person or property after a traffic stop based on a “hunch” that they might find something else, even if they claim to smell the odor of burnt marijuana. A link to a copy of the recent Supreme Court decision of Arizona v. Gant opinion is here:

    In your case, Canu Torrice Law would need to request and subpoena all of your discovery documents, police reports, drug lab analysis reports, video tapes, etc., before we could form an opinion on whether this is the case of a “bad search” where we could motion the Court could to suppress the evidence obtained as the result of an unlawful and unconstitutional search and seizure by Warren Police, and whether the evidence obtained (i.e. the half ounce of marijuana) would be suppressed as a result. However, based on your version of the facts above, it is very possible that the Canu Torrice Law attorneys could file a motion with the Court to have your felony charges for Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana dismissed and get you out of this mess.

    However, given the serious nature of a Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) or Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana (Pot) in Michigan, it is certainly in your best interest to contact our law firm immediately at (586) 285-1700. The team of Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Canu Torrice Law is available 24 hours a day for legal representation on all types of criminal charges in Michigan, including drug charges such as this Delivery/Manufacture of Marijuana felony charge you are facing in Macomb County.

    As with any criminal case, especially felony drug charges resulting from an initial traffic stop for speeding or otherwise, it is of paramount importance that the Canu Torrice Law attorneys get involved as soon as possible because valuable evidence, such as the police car video of the traffic stop which show the subsequent search of your vehicle, and your arrest, may be helpful in defending against these criminal drug charges in Macomb County. This critical evidence MUST be obtained before your Preliminary Examination court date, and any delay could result in this evidence being lost or destroyed.

    As far as the money is concerned, it is typical of police to seize through a Forfeiture action, any cash money you have in your possession under the assumption that it is “drug money.” The Canu Torrice Law attorneys will be able to challenge this Forfeiture action as well, especially if you have bank receipts showing that these funds were from a recent pay check.

    Finally, the money your friend posted is a “bond” and will not be returned until the case is over, so he is either going to have to sit tight or you need to repay him for the time being until and unless this money is released.

    Without attacking the Warren Police Department or the City of Warren itself, many times the actions of law enforcement offend our Constitutional rights. That is why the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law defend our clients vigorously, and attack the prosecution of every criminal case anywhere in Michigan that infringes on our client’s rights to be free from unreasonable and unlawful searches and seizures. The police may have a job to do, but their job must be carried out in a lawful manner. Where their is a violation of the Constitution, we are there to defend you!

    Thank you for your question and we shall talk to you soon. Feel free to call (586) 285-1700 and schedule a free consultation with me today.

    Canu Torrice Law
    (586) 285-1700

  2. Hello, I was evicted out of my condo in warren 2 days ago, the condo was legally owned by my brother in law, i put it in his name 3 years ago because i could not get a mortgage approval. I was paying the mortgage and all the bills out of my personal checking account. Due to me and my brother in law falling out in a business we were partners in he decided to make my life hell so due to him being the legal owner of this condo he evicted me, my pregnate wife and my 11 month old baby 2 years ago which he does not remember apparently he quit claimed me on the deed. The deed is executed by his wife and him, & the deed is notarized and registered. I moved into an apt. 3 days ago & going through my files i found the quit claim deed. What can i do?

  3. Jennifer on August 7, 2009 at 12:26 am said:

    It seems like cops just live for messing with people geez! Since when did having weed to smoke in Michigan become a felony, is that like a Warren thing or is it that way all thru Michigan? They are making this guy look like drug dealer for having some weed and $250 – thats delivery and manufacture of marijuana – sounds like something you need a good laywer for definately? Not exactly a Tony Montana here, my god!

    Good post and good answer though guys, very interesting case too. If any attorneys in Michigan can help with drug chages its these guys!

  4. No joke, these guys got my delivery of marijuana charge dismissed in Warren 37th district court and all i got was a possession of pot charge with a fine and non-reporting probation. I just got dischaged from probation and i am…let’s just say enjoying some Monday night football worry free from probation or drug testing.

    These are the best criminal defense lawyers in Macomb County Michigan by FAR!!!! Every other person I know with this charge is screwed on Circuit Court probation. I don’t have anything! In fact I got some 7411 something plea where this isn’t even on my record.

    Got busted with pot in Warren Michigan? Call my attorneys, or good luck with your probation and drug testing!!!!


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