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My partner is on parole.  His sentence will be completed on Feb 10, 2012.  He has been on Parole since August 2010.  I noticed that my partner was starting to hang around with some shady looking people.  I did find some odd pills in his coat, so I know he has been using pills,etc. I have become friends with his Parole agent due to the fact that I am his partner and I have taken him to just about all of his bi-monthly parole meetings. Long story short, this particular weekend was bad, my partner didn’t come home which is a violation of his parole, and his whole demenor had changed.  One afternoon his parole agent shows up at the house because my partner didn’t show up for his meeting, ( I didn’t know he had a meeting).  He could tell that something wasn’t right so he started to ask me some questions.  I told the agent about the pills and I really thought  that if he parole agent could help us get him into a rehab program, I was going to do what ever I could to help my partner.  Our conversation that day went a little like this;

Agent:  We can help him, I need to ask you a few questions.

Me:  Okay, no problem

Agent:  Has he ever threatend you?

Me:  Um …  If he threatend me could we “help” him? – I wanted to get him into a rehab program.

Agent:  Yes, if he threatend you I would have some options.

Me:  Okay, yes he threatend me.

Agent:  Have him come into the Parole office tomorrow at 8am.

Me:  You got it.

Thinking that I was doing the right thing, and hopefully now my partner may receive the help he needed.  ( There is a lot of that I am leaving out, my partner recently was placed in the mental ward due to an overdose of Artane).  He has a big problem with pills.

I dropped him off at 8am.  His agent had him arrested for parole violation and he was sent back to prison awaiting a revocation hearing.  He was charged with 2 counts of Parole Violation.  The first violation was failure to report .  (Remember this was the first time since he was released on Parole that he missed his date). And the bigger charge was Threatening of my life.

I was shocked, because he never threatend me, I just said that thinking that is what his agent wanted me to say.  I must also say in that meeting with his agent, I said over and over “I don’t want him to go back to prison” and all along his agent said “I understand, he will not go back to prison”  And he kept on saying “We have to teach him a lesson”.

Once I learned that he was placed back in prison I went to his PO and basically yelled at him.  He has chosen not to speak to me, or return any of my calls.  His Revocation hearing was Nov 03, 2011 and of course, I was supposed to testify against my partner.  I told his agent that I would not testify and I am now thinking what a HUGE mistake I made.  Every charge was dropped with the exception of one charge, failure to report.  My partner just called me and said that there was a “No-contact” order placed against he and I.  Understand thatwe have never had any issues, or problems, never called the police, nothing.  They are now telling him that once he is released he can not come back to our home due to the no contact order.  This is so bad, and it’s all my fault.  We are awaitng a final outcome from the revocation hearing where all of the charges were dropped with exception of the failure to appear.  They also tried to get him on violating Curfew which was dropped too.  My question, since all of the charges were dropped with exception of the one, do you think the no contact order will be dropped too?  They are telling him that he can not have any contact with me due to the charge.

I feel 100% responsible for him being in prison.  He has been in there 40 days.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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