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Can anyone tell me how the bondsman process works in Macomb County Works??? My brothers is in jail at the Macomb County Jail and needs to be bonded out but we dont have enough money to post the bond for his delivery of cocaine charge. Bondsman are talkins abouts taking money and wanting to put a house down for the delivery of cocaine charge. I dont know what to do. My friends are telling me to get a bondsman and my mother will loan us the money. What should I do????


  1. Andrew M. Canu on April 8, 2010 at 9:42 pm said:

    There are a few options. If you hire a bondsman you will have to give them a fee (usually 10 percent) of the actual bond amount set by the Judge or Magistrate. This money you will NEVER get back. More often than not the bond is initially set really high on felony delivery of cocaine or other narcotic cases. Posting this money with a bondsmen is a BAD decision. You will be throwing your money away. Bondsmen do not want you to know this and they hate when lawyers give away their secret.

    The best option is to hire a partner at and Torrice, PLLC to file an emergency motion to reduce the bond amount. Our lawyers have been very successful in reducing bonds and more often than not we achieve a personal recognizance bond for our clients. This means that no money needs to be posted to get your family members out of jail. Kind of like a get out of jail free card. You need to have money to hire the best lawyers in macomb county and not the shady bondsmen and we believe that we have the best lawyers here at Thanks for your question and I hope we can help. Call anytime 24 hours a day at 586.285.1700.

    Andrew M. Canu
    and Torrice, PLLC
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  2. Peter Torrice got me a personal bond on a drug delivery case. I’d never use a bondsman company they steal your money. Rather use my cash for a good ciminal defense lawyer in Michigan like Peter and law firm Canu Torrice ZaLEWSKI. For real.

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