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Domestic Violence Dismissal

I just want to thank the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law for getting my Domestic Violence dismissed in Shelby Township.  The Domestic Violence I was charged with was BS and the officers in Shelby Township Michigan new it!  Great job guys, thanks again!!!

Offer to Engage – Michigan and Proctor

This is the craziest story.  I was downtown minding my own business and some cute girl waived me down.  I thought something was wrong so I stopped.  I did not have any intention of trying to pick up a girl.  She asked me if I wanted anything I told her no.  I asked her if

Offer to Engage Detroit – John R and Brentwood

I received an offer to engage ticket in Detroit this last week at John R and Brentwood.  I did not do anything wrong to get an offer to engage ticket.  I did not offer to engage anything with a prostitute but the fake prostitute said that I did.  The cop said that I offered 20 bucks for head. 

Retail Fraud Shelby Township Michigan

Hi there!  I am not going to say the store to protect my identity.  But I am currently charged with retail fraud third degree out of Shelby Township, Michigan.  I am trying to figure out what may happen with my retail fraud and if I can go to jail.  I didn’t even steal anything.  The box

Romulus traffic ticket metro airport

I am a tow truck driver and during the floods I was towing out cars in Romulus Michigan.  A Michigan State Trooper stopped me and gave me a ticket for speeding.  I was not coming back from Metro Airport….I was working!!!  Now I am looking at 3 points on my Michigan Drivers License and I

Medical Marijuana Card Defense

I was just stopped and ticketed in Clinton Township for posession of marijuana.  I was driving through Mount Clemens when I was flicked and the police officer was a Clinton Township Cop.  He searched my car and found my weed.  I was about to get my medical marijuana card.  What can I do?   I heard

Coast Guard Drunk Driving BUI

I was at the bar on my boat on lake st. clair this past weekend.  Usually we do not get messed with.  I jumped on my boat with a few of my friends and the coast guard stopped us.  They stopped us for no reason and then asked if I was drinking.  I told them

Royal Oak Drunk Driving Ticket

I was out at black finn last weekend and I got stopped for turning left towards Main Street.  The cop said that there was no left turn there but I swear there was not a sign.  Anyway he stopped me and arrested me.  I blew a .09 on the pbt and was not drunk.  I

Suspended License Eastpointe

These cops in the City of Eastpointe gave me a ticket for a suspended license or DWLS he said.  I am not sure why they stopped me but they mentioned that I looked suspisious drivings over the border on 8MILE.  I love the city of Eastpointe and Macomb County.  These fools arrested me rather then

West Branch Michigan Speed Trap

Hey yall!  I have a place up north.  I just pled guilty to a OWI and have a restricted license for 90 days.  The cop luckily did not realize that I was not working because I was still wearing my suit.  He gave me a speeding ticket.  Is West Branch an alright place to get

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