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I was out at black finn last weekend and I got stopped for turning left towards Main Street.  The cop said that there was no left turn there but I swear there was not a sign.  Anyway he stopped me and arrested me.  I blew a .09 on the pbt and was not drunk.  I did not take the test at the station and they gave me a form saying I can have a hearing????  I think I only had one beer.  My court date is coming up.  Can you tell me what I can expect in Royal Oak District Court and if I can get out of this!!!!! Thanks!!!!


  1. Peter Torrice on July 16, 2014 at 8:02 pm said:

    You have several issues going on, the first being your drunk driving charges, but until you retain an attorney to obtain discovery and the relevant in-car police videos, and the booking room videos, the Michigan criminal drunk driving lawyers at Canu Torrice Law cannot make an accurate assessment of your situation. There are several procedural challenges to a drunk driving case that the attorneys at Canu Torrice Law can exploit, but each case is fact and evidence specific. Remember though, the longer you wait to hire a qualified and knowledgeable Michigan drunk driving attorney, the more likely that evidence will be “lost,” such as valuable videos being recorded over because Police have no obligation to preserve these videos.

    Many times the police officers claim that they stopped a driver for a certain reason and it is false. I have seen countless cases where the video shows a different story. Also, there may be data master arguments and other potential reasons why your case should be dismissed. The Royal Oak Police Officers live to stop people on the weekends when they leave the bar. There are many bars and establishments in the City of Royal Oak that over-serve patrons that the city is attempting to stop.

    The police station is a different story, a refusal to blow into a Datamaster/breathalyzer machine at the Police Station will potentially result in a 1 year revocation of your Michigan Driver’s License under Michigan’s Implied Consent laws (see link to main website at for further information). You only have 14 days to file an appeal to have an Implied Consent Hearing at the Michigan Secretary of State, which in your situation would occur at the Secretary of State Super Center at the corner of Metro Parkway (16 mile) and Gratiot. However, you must specifically cite the issues you are requesting a hearing for, and you need to know the various laws in Michigan related to drunk driving and Implied Consent Hearings, or else you are just wasting your time. This means you need an Michigan driver’s license/ drunk driving attorney; you simply cannot do this yourself and expect to win. Failure to request an Implied Consent Hearing within 14 days, or if you appear at the hearing and lose, will result in an automatic 1 year loss of your Michigan Driver’s License. However, you can appeal this determination to the 16th Judicial Macomb County Circuit Court, and potentially get some driving privileges reinstated for the duration of your suspension. The Michigan drunk driving and driver’s license attorneys at Canu Torrice Law have done this countless times.

    The Michigan drunk driving and driver’s license attorneys at Canu Torrice Law and have been successful at Implied Consent Hearings and Circuit Court appeals in saving our clients’ Michigan driver’s licenses. In your case, you need qualified legal representation both in your drunk driving/OWI case, as well as your Implied Consent/driver’s license case.

    The Michigan criminal defense and driver’s license experts at Canu Torrice Law can help you, as we have help countless others, but you need to act very quickly.

    Feel free to call us at (586) 285-1700 for a free consultation, and we will be happy to save your Michigan driver’s license and defend against yoru drunk driving case.

    Peter Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

  2. pauliez on July 16, 2014 at 8:23 pm said:

    I love these guys. They helped me out with a lot of tickets I got in the City of Royal Oak. Attorney Andrew Canu got me out of a fleeing and eluding charge in Clinton Township court. He is the best!!!!

    Keep it up boys!

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