Michigan Workers Compensation Law

If you or someone you know has been injured at work or on the job, your legal remedies may be limited by the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act.   Our Workers Compensation attorneys can help you seek compensation for injuries on the job under the Workers’ Compensation Act, even when your employer refuses to recognize your claims and pay for your medical bills and injuries.  People who suffer work related injuries of any kind may be entitled to financial consideration for medical bills, lost income, and even vocational rehabilitation. You can depend on our attorneys to expertly evaluate your case, gather appropriate documentation and facts, and to listen and respond compassionately.

Any worker who is injured on the job in Michigan is entitled to receive payment for their medical bills and 80% of their average weekly wage. The Workers’ Compensation Act is designed to protect employers from being sued, and provides monetary benefits to the worker who has been injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation benefits include wage loss, medical, vocational rehabilitation services. In many cases, the surviving family members of those who have died on the job may also file for benefits.

Michigan requires that all public employers have workers’ compensation coverage and that private employers must provide coverage in the following situations where they consistently employ three or more workers at one time, or during the preceding 52 weeks, they have regularly employed at least one worker 35 hours or more per week for 13 weeks or longer.  There are also several provisions that apply to sole proprietors, contractors and subcontractors.

While the majority of workers’ claims for benefits are undisputed, each year tens of thousands of workers in Michigan have their claims denied by their employer or their employer’s insurance carriers. The attorneys at Canu, Torrice, PLLC can help you in the redemption settlements and disputes. A redemption settlement is an amount agreed upon by the employer, or employer’s insurance, and the injured worker that is intended to be a full and complete resolution of workers’ compensation benefits now and in the future. A claim is in dispute when a worker files a claim and the claim is denied. Once a claim is disputed, the worker can file a petition to be heard by a magistrate at the Workers’ Compensation Bureau. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys are routinely pursuing claims before these insurance companies, and are actively practicing before the magistrates at the Workers’ Compensation Bureau, and they have the knowledge and resources you need to successfully pursue your claim.

The attorneys at Canu, Torrice, PLLC will not only serve as your legal representative, but they will guide you through the claims process and ensure that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to under the law for our work related injury.

Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys are familiar with the pain and financial impact that a work related injury can inflicts upon a worker and their family, and our attorneys know the complexities that regularly occur in Workers’ Compensation cases. If you are a worker who has been injured on the job or have lost a family member to an accident at work, please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free consultation.

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