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Business law and civil law are the areas of legal practice that involve everything from drafting and reviewing contracts, to negotiating the purchase of a company or the assets of a business, to providing legal representation to people and legal entities like corporations that are involved in a legal dispute. Civil litigation is an overly broad category used to define various “lawsuits,” which includes such diverse matters as personal injury practice, medical malpractice, breach of contract, defamation actions such as libel and slander, collection actions, and virtually every other lawsuit brought in civil court.

Although no one single attorney can competently specialize in all areas of civil litigation, the attorneys at Canu, Torrice, PLLC and their legal team collectively practice in nearly every area of civil law, and provide legal representation to people and business entities throughout the state of Michigan.

Litigation in Michigan is governed by Michigan statutes and Michigan common law, and also by the Michigan Court Rules. Michigan statutes and common law define the causes of action, or lawsuits, which may be filed in a Michigan court of appropriate venue and jurisdiction. Michigan statutes are of course the “black letter” laws that are passed by the legislature, while common law is basically the law of the courts that has been developed over the years. Michigan Court Rules define the procedures that litigants must follow once their case has been filed with a Michigan court.

While most civil litigator’s develop a good understanding of the laws which govern their areas of practice, and of the court rules for the courts in which they practice, the laws and court rules can be very confusing for a layperson. The attorneys at Canu, Torrice, PLLC are masters of civil procedure, and civil litigation. Our attorneys have taken on some of the largest law firms in the state of Michigan, on behalf of both as plaintiffs and defendants to a lawsuit, with remarkable success. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the litigation, or the size of the law firm your opponent has hired, our attorneys will never be intimidated, and will be relentless in the prosecution or defense of your claims.

If you have been physically or financially harmed, you must be represented by aggressive and highly qualified legal counsel who will pursue your claims relentlessly. Unlike other law firms, the attorneys that work behind the scenes on all your legal pleadings, motions and briefs are the same attorneys that are standing next to you in court arguing before the judge or the jury. This gives our attorneys an insight and familiarity with your case that no large law firm can ever offer. It also gives our attorneys the confidence to pursue any claim with knowledge that they are better prepared than their opposing counsel. Canu, Torrice, PLLC provides superior representation in all areas of Michigan law. If you require professional and aggressive legal representation in a business or civil matter, contact the Michigan attorneys at CT Law today for your free consultation at (586) 285-1700.

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