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Hi, my drivers license has been taken from me in the State of Michigan.  I called the Michigan Secretary of State and they told me I have to go to a hearing to get it back.  I had a drunk driving in Clinton Township and a drunk driving in Romeo both in the same years in 2010.  What can I do?


  1. Peter Torrice on March 15, 2014 at 5:11 pm said:

    This is a great question that many drivers in the State of Michigan ask when forced with a similar situation. If you are a Michigan driver and have two drunk drivings within 7 years of each other the Michigan Secretary of State automatically REVOKES your license to drive a motor vehicle in this state. This means that you do not have a drivers license and can not receive on unless you ask the State of Michigan to restore your license.

    This process is done usually after one year. You must request a hearing with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, or DAAD. Essentially at this hearing you have the burden of proving that you do not use alcohol or drugs any longer. Of course, there is much more than just walking into the DAAD and telling the hearing officer that you do not drink or use drugs. This is a complex process that YOU NEED A LAWYER for. People come into our office daily with stories about how they tried it “on their own” and lost. This simply makes your case much more difficult.

    Additionally, if you lose at the hearing the hearing officer will usually order that you can not come back for another year to get a drivers license. The only remedy for this will then be to appeal that decision to the Circuit Court.

    The lawyers at our office have represented clients in thousands of Drivers License Appeal hearings in the State of Michigan. You need to call our office to make an appointment to speak to one of the lawyers so that we can get you back on the road. Do not attempt this process alone.

    Peter A. Torrice
    32059 Utica Road
    Fraser, MI 48026

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