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I work in a pretty big WalMart-I am a white female and a black manager keeps making derogatory remarks to me-I have made 2 reports and the 2nd finally went to the regional-manager he told me nothing can be done because no witnesses seen it but to let them know if it happens again-this is crazy shit-why other if they won’t do anything-they gave me 1 day off with pay so we wouldn’t be working together while it was investigated-we all know it will happens again cuz he does this to all the other white girls that work there- What should I do???


  1. Thanks for visiting the blog. The sexual harassment/hostile work environment claim you have raises several complex issues with a case like yours which usually requires some investigation by a qualified civil attorney before a judgment can be made on whether you have a “good” case or not, and most importantly what damages you have.

    The first issue is that Michigan is an “at-will” employment state, like most states, and unless you are in a Union or protected by an employment agreement, you can be terminated or suspended from your employment at-will. This does NOT mean that an employer can allow sexual harassment or discrimination to occur after being placed on notice it is going on, or that what is going on in your workplace should be tolerated.

    You need to discuss your case with one of the employment law attorneys at Canu Torrice Law before your suspension results in a termination, and the statute of limitations on you claim is compounded by evidentiary issues that could be lost over time – like if your manager is fired and moves out of state and no one can find him any more, which would make it hard to take his deposition.

    Feel free to call the Canu Torrice Law attorneys at (586) 285-1700 for a free legal consultation on your case.

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